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I have just spoken to my mate @RickySimon87 over the new Facebook video chat and let me tell you something. This shit is amazing. No longer do I have to add people with these weird names on Skype (Ricky_14Simon etc) but now I can just chat instantly to him, through the Facebook chat window! The audio is extremely clear and the visual is not bad at all!!! Not to mention that when he doesn’t answer I can leave a voice mail, just like we do on our cellphones…

This is going to change the way of business and especially communication across International waters. The best part; it is absolutely free. The worst part; is the CIA recording all the video feeds like they do with our wall posts and chats? I suggest you go check this shit out right now it is ground breaking news in the social media scene! It could also add a new dimension to video blogging. But before I worry about that I need to do a bit more research. To start a video call simply open a chat as you normally would, and, click on the video call option on the top right!

For once I can say Facebook has made a good change to their social network! Mr Zuckerberg, you have just gained a shit load of street cred in my books 😉

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