Bakoven, Camps Bay – Dassie Fishermen

As long as I can remember there has been a family (fucking large one at that) that lives along the rocks between Bakoven's Beta Beach and Bali Bay Private Beach.

As long as I can remember there has been a family (fucking large one at that) that lives along the rocks between Bakoven’s Beta Beach and Bali Bay Private Beach. They survive by eating pretty much anything the locals throw over the fence for them, from Frito’s to Cabbage!

Back when I still used to enjoy a fresh herb salad on the rocks at Bakoven, I spent one sunny day there with my mate Jared Wilensky. Funnily enough we saw a bergie from across the way catching a dassie on a hook and line, like he was pulling out a fresh Cape Salmon for christ’s sake! The poor thing way dangling helplessly in mid air squealing, before we shouted at the bergmun and he disappeared into the crevices from where he appeared.

Darren the Dussie and his bra have their hands out begging...

Darren the dassie and his bra have their hands out begging...

On our way back to Camps Bay Beachfront we spotted the guy making a small fire under an old pot, I wonder what he had on the menu? So when I saw these pictures my friend Sanela added to Facebook, I thought I should write about it and make people aware of what these moegu’s are doing to these poor legends. One thing is for sure though, they definitely have some prime real estate overlooking Bali Bay and tranquil Beta Beach. These poor creature’s existence, appears to be futile.

The Godfather showing his guns

One thing I might add, they have some damn big teeth so don’t be fooled into breaching the fence to get a stroke of the small babies, coz there are some grandfather’s with some PROPER fangs hiding in the wings!

I found this pic on google images when typing in 'Dizzy's Camps Bay' LOL

If you get any pictures of the ‘Dussie Fishermen’ in action by all means please email them to me…LOL

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