Microsoft Buys Skype

IT super brand Microsoft has beaten the likes of Google and Facebook to the aquisition of the world leader in VOIP communication, Skype. The deal is said to be worth $8.5 Billion...

Damn, I had a feeling these massive brands (Facebook & Google) would get a bit of stiff competition from the likes of other big boys in the IT industry. To be honest, I only ever had one other name in mind and that was Microsoft! For me growing up, Microsoft was at the forefront of computer technology and leading the way by miles.

It has been said that the company will still allow access over all platforms going into the future, which I can only smile about. Apparently Xbox and Kinect consumers will also somehow benefit from this venture, I am guessing to communicate with other gamers around the globe? Although Skype already has over 120 million active monthly users, Microsoft is now in charge of ensuring the brand growth even more over the new few years. I must admit though, I really would have liked to see what Facebook would have done with the ownership of such a powerful communication tool! But, I can guarantee you Zuckerberg already has something underway 😉

I hope Microsoft utilise this platform to its full potential and wow me with some awesome ideas that I can write about in the near future. I dream that by the time I am in the deep end at some agency (hopefully my own) I will be able to chat to my customers/staff/clients/designers via Facebook video chat 😉 It will also do absolute wonders for CRM (customer relationship management)?

Microsoft Press Release [read here]

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