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Poo-posterous Night Out!!!

At least it was a single…The log, not the whisky 😉

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Noise Complaints – What Are The Actual Laws?

If anyone knows anything about noise pollution and the laws about noise in a residential area, please be so kind as to fill me in. I am dying here with this muppet playing this shite next door…Somebody HELP me!!!

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Just encountered this sniper at Tempe Military Base in Bloem

The residents of Scarborough, Cape Town are lucky the baboons they are killing don’t have this bra behind them…

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Do you know your Theology?


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Have a Lag

I have no idea what you call these picture scenario’s, but hell I really enjoy some of them. I have seen a lot in my time and here are a few you may not have seen which my brother just emailed me. The Will Farell one ends it for me, make his circle Bieber!

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3 Bongs 1 Breath

Check this one out. I don’t really think it is THAT much bud he is consuming, but most red eyed rookers would find themselves struggling to clear the chamber on that last one…

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Some Afrikaans slang exposed…

Vaalie – One from the wrong (Northern) side of the River Vaal. Distinguished by being surgically attached to their BMW keyrings, Vaalies are the ones who’d rather live in an oxygen-free smog-drenched crime-fest than reduce their consumption of hair products and fake nails [prounounced. “naaaay-uhls”].

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The end of an era…LOL

We thought it would be a while before this Ridge-back got locked down again after he got Shell shocked, not only by Kinnear!

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Cape Town Whale – VIDEO FOOTAGE

The 32 foot vessel was breached by the 40 ton beast, snapping the intrepid mast in 2, whilst causing quite a scare to the couple on board!

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21st Century Drunk

This got an extremely high amount of hits, went around quite a few friendship circles…Causing a few waves along the way, when the guy in the video got bleek with another mate who uploaded it…His 21st. Lots of Tequila. Watch and you tell me 😉

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Memorable Poker Scenes From Movies

Tweet Directors of movies have certainly grown fond of casinos over the years, with countless creations having a scene or […]

Falke Slide, Advanced Performance Socks

Tweet Falke South Africa, the leading technical sock brand in SA, has released a new seasonal colour palette, in the […]

UFC 249 – Ferguson vs Gaethje

Tweet This weekend’s UFC 249 event represents more than one of the most stacked mixed martial arts cards of all […]

Pick n Pay Special Pensioners Shopping Hour

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Sotano MUMM Bubbles & Brunch

Tweet BUBBLES & BRUNCH! Join Sotano Mouille Point on Saturday 28 March from 11am for Bubbles & Brunch with Champagne […]

EFC 84: Gorimbo vs Karam

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