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Napolean Dynamite – The animated series, coming soon…

I caught wind of this news from a buddy and look forward to Voting for Pedro when this show comes out. His peculiar facial features, a stache to rival Craig Stack’s and one hell of an awesome sidekick make this new animated series one of the most anticipated shows to hit the screens this summer.

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Camps Bay Apartment burns to smithereens

It was said to be caused by an oil heater and as per usual, the entire Camps Bay community were there with their cameras and camera phones. I must say I am relieved that no one was hurt and my mate Conrad’s flat in the same block did not get damaged 🙂

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Moses Sithole – SA’s most notorious serial killer

For all you bandwidth bandits out there, below is the 5 part series which goes into a lot more detail about SA’s most notorious serial killer, Moses “ABC” Sithole. Enjoy!

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Die Antwoord new release – Evil Boy

I thought I had seen some weird ass music video’s which was topped when I saw Enter the Ninja by Die Antwoord. Now it seems they have topped the last one with their latest video, Evil Boy.

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Horatio Cane – One Liner Champion

I got emailed these one liner jokes about Horatio Cane from CSI Miami. I thought I would upload them because they hit the nail on the head with regard to this guys style, tone and charasmatic enthuisiasm to solve crimes. The acid one kills me!

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The Crystal Apartments – Camps Bay

This evening will see the opening of The Crystal Apartments in Woodford Ave, Camps Bay. Camps Bay is the central hub of Western Cape tourism and see’s millions of people visit its sandy beaches, wonderful restaurants and breathtaking tourism attractions every year.

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Immortal Technique – Leaving The Past!

Just one of Immortal’s more chilled songs with a catchy beat and yet again some extremely intelligent lyrics… Enjoy!

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Where was her scrum cap? HAHAHA

Where is your scrum cap doll? HAHAHA Have a watch as this poor reporter gets clocked by a great torpeedo heading for touch!

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Llama’s with hats…

Donate your hands to Carl. He eats them!

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Canal Walk – Anti Vuvuzela Sign

These Muppet’s at Canal Walk tried, but they definitely didn’t ruin the gees. In loving memory of a proper sick World Cup Tournament. Burn Those Signs!!!

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Memorable Poker Scenes From Movies

Tweet Directors of movies have certainly grown fond of casinos over the years, with countless creations having a scene or […]

Falke Slide, Advanced Performance Socks

Tweet Falke South Africa, the leading technical sock brand in SA, has released a new seasonal colour palette, in the […]

UFC 249 – Ferguson vs Gaethje

Tweet This weekend’s UFC 249 event represents more than one of the most stacked mixed martial arts cards of all […]

Pick n Pay Special Pensioners Shopping Hour

Tweet Pick n Pay has announced a special pensioners hour for shopping every Wednesday from 7am – 8am for those […]

Sotano MUMM Bubbles & Brunch

Tweet BUBBLES & BRUNCH! Join Sotano Mouille Point on Saturday 28 March from 11am for Bubbles & Brunch with Champagne […]

EFC 84: Gorimbo vs Karam

Tweet EFC kicks off the year with an action-packed fight card EFC 84 in 10 days. A new decade has […]