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Ever Seen A White, German Kwaito Artist? EES Is The Man

When you think kwaito, you generally picture the township, box shape BMW’s, Yizo Yizo, panama hats, entjies, Black Label quartz and a few fat ass squeezers…Wrong, watch this German beast in action!!! EES

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Jungala Festival 2011

This is one of my mates Nick dealing out the third track, he is deadly behind the booth. Trust me!!! I can’t wait for the Psynopticz outdoor, I have been partying with them since they started at Bang Bang years ago.

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Pitch Hikers – Ice Queen (Zion Linguist RMX)

I just saw that Zion Linguist has created a Soundcloud account. Here is his top song so far on Soundcloud, having over 42 views in just one day! It says a lot about this guys talent…

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JamDay – Beneath The Winter Moon

JamDay are apparently a sick, up and coming progressive psy trance group, which you will be hearing a bit more about in the near future! Enjoy…

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Humerous – New Outdoor Progressive Trance Mix 2011

My bra David Miller aka DJ Humerous has provided us with a sick, new proggy mix for this fine, hungover Saturday morning…

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Deleriant vs Shift – The Fourth Dimension

A South African great and a splendid young talent have come together to send chills down our spines. If you got ‘hosh trance’ this would be it! Teaser…

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The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus with Int DJ James Zabiela

James Zabiela is one of the planets best disk jockey’s. He talks about the new Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus and gives some insight about the product!

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LFO Massive – S.A Underground Music Blog

Have a look at this sick new blog LFO Massive which focusses on the underground music scene within Cape Town. It takes a behind the scenes look at some events, artists, genres, mixes, venues and more…I really like the fact that artists themselves are the ones providing the content and not just ignorant critics. Sickness!

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Merry Christmas from Kevin Bloody Wilson

Merry XMAS to you all. Here is one hell of an awesome Carol for those of you that enjoy a little bit of vulgarness on this fine morning 😉 Enjoy!

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Vortex 4th of Dezembah – One To Remember By DJ Humerous

Shot for the wirte-up Dave. Legend my man, we are going to Alien brasse this weekend boy 😉

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Memorable Poker Scenes From Movies

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Falke Slide, Advanced Performance Socks

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UFC 249 – Ferguson vs Gaethje

Tweet This weekend’s UFC 249 event represents more than one of the most stacked mixed martial arts cards of all […]

Pick n Pay Special Pensioners Shopping Hour

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Sotano MUMM Bubbles & Brunch

Tweet BUBBLES & BRUNCH! Join Sotano Mouille Point on Saturday 28 March from 11am for Bubbles & Brunch with Champagne […]

EFC 84: Gorimbo vs Karam

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