Cafe Caprice – Raw End of the Deal

When I usually visit my local watering hole I stick to a somewhat strict menu. It consists of: Dreamy Burger, Pollo Pasta, Chicken Brox pasta, Black Label Draught, Tequila, Bells & Lime, the occasional glass of white wine and maybe a Jager here and there ;)

Yesterday we decided to make a move down to one of my local joints, Cafe Caprice. Seeing as though it was time taken off work to grab a bite to eat and a sneaky beer, time was of the essence! We sat down next to some lekker  Jewish squeeza’s I know and ordered a Karoo water, Black Label and a Peroni. My brother already know what he wanted and ordered before us as we were still browsing.

When I usually visit my local watering hole I stick to a somewhat strict menu. It consists of: Dreamy Burger, Pollo Pasta, Chicken Brox pasta, Black Label Draught, Tequila, Bells & Lime, the occasional glass of white wine and maybe a Jager here and there 😉 This time was no different and we decided on two Dreamy Burgers. The funny part of it all is the quote from the new waitress after we ordered, it went like this; Oh great, that makes the order easier for me, because I am new. Little did we know she would forget to order one of them and get forced to wait 30 minutes for it. By the time the two of us were finished and ready to go back to the office, the waitress only realised that she had forgotten to order Ricky’s burger…

Service isn't everything when this is your location, but it would be appreciated 😉

I am not one at all to write hate speech about a place like Caprice, as I know the managers, owners and staff extremely well. But, I do think this is something that needs to be looked into as season is around the corner and rather me notice this first, than someone whose words will carry a lot more weight. The fact is that I work in accommodation and send clients there on a regular basis, with no kick back at all from Caprice. Therefore, what does it say about our company if I send people to the best place in Camps Bay, Cafe Caprice and they don’t even end up getting their food? In all honesty I don’t hate the place by any means and this won’t stop me from going back, but I do think they have rested a bit on their lorals on should look to jack up the service a bit before the tourists bombard us!

When Kerry is managing you know you getting great seats 😉

I do not expect silver service when I go down for a couple cold ones and don’t at all mind asking for a refill or even going to the bar to get another whisky when it is busy. But I do expect to get a burger that is not half raw, which was the case with mine and maybe get the food we ordered on a plate, not in a take away box 🙁

I am not one to complain and still ate it, but seriously is this normal?

To conclude, I know I am not Seth and don’t carry huge weight there, but I would really like to see the service aspect looked at a bit more, as I believe it is something that has deteriorated over the past few years. Service sets companies apart and although Caprice has such a strong customer base, that is not the be all and end all for a brand…The only idea that I can fathom is maybe hiring someone like me as a mystery shopper to determine which aspects of the experience actually need a bit of work 😉

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  1. Rossotron November 9, 2010 at 10:34 am #

    it is a good thing you bring this up MrCapeTown, the entire country suffers form this same problem ! we have somehow not come to realize that the hospitality industry is a profession in other countries!

    take more pride people and get it done right ! we notice these slip ups every day and don’t say anything about it , i think its about time we did.

    • Mr. Cape Town November 13, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

      Finally someone who understands how consumers power of voice has changed. The thing is I love Caprice and am always looked after there and that is why I send my international clients there. I have written great things about their brand and have the utmost repect for how brilliantly they have built their brand! I just feel they need to pick up a small bit on speedier service before season.

      Btw my buddy Calv had the best burger ever there the other day, hopefully my post made a difference. That is the Caprice we have all come to know and love because they do things properly, or not at all!

  2. The_Fox November 29, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    That almost made me puke! I know its not your mission, but im def not ever gonna eat there!
    Proper siff!

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