Steers: R10 Rib Burgers [13 June Only]

I was just checking out the trends on Twitter in South Africa when I got home from football and saw that Steers was up in the mix. That either means they have had some kind of shocking review, the brand has a new campaign out, a staff member went jus on the manager, or there is a new special out… I am happy to say it is something positive (for all parties) and STEERS FAST FOOD is running a once off Wacky Wednesday for tomorrow ONLY!!!

Instead of the usual 2 x Steers Rave Burgers they are offering their customers their famous Rib Burger instead… But not for R25.90 as usual, how about for a measly R10!!! You can bet your ass I will be going to grab a couple of these tomorrow, Hell I might even buy a whole bunch and make a few mates smile at that price?

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 In case you have an questions about which specific outlets will be offering the special, go ahead and Tweet them on @SteersFastFood to find out anything you need to know. Expect some crowds and queue’s though because usually when something like this trends in SA it is a proper dog show! I think their Rib Burgers are made from pork, pity for all my Jewish mates out there…

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  1. Kim June 14, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    The R10 burger flop
    June 14 2012 at 07:34am
    By Murray Williams and Kieran Legg

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    People bought R10.00 burgers and never received it from Steers in Golden Acker. Photo: Patrick Louw

    Service delivery protests rocked SA on Wednesday, but it had nothing to do with housing, electricity or fresh water.

    Instead, the humble burger was at the heart of the outrage. And there were not enough of them to feed hordes of hungry take-away junkies.

    The result? No burning tyres, but burnt bridges between Steers fast food outlets and their fans.

    It all began as a standard “Wacky Wednesday” promotion around the country: Rib burgers for R10 each.

    But such was the mass walk-in-and- grab-it that most stores had run out of stock by mid-morning, leaving stomachs and Twitter accounts grumbling.

    A staffer at the Rondebosch branch could only tiredly shake his head when asked about Wednesday’s service.

    Venu Kistasami tweeted: “The people with the saddest faces have to be the Steers staff after today’s R10 rib/ rave burger fiasco!”

    Steers managing executive, Val Bourdos, said the group hadn’t put a limit on the number of burgers people could order and that’s why supplies were already dwindling before the lunchtime crowds hit the streets.

    Not even the back-up plan of a R10 Rave Burger could sate the masses.

    But people weren’t giving up, and were still queuing into the late evening.

    Steers in Rosmead shut at 2.30pm as it struggled to cope. An onlooker said there was a lot of “unpleasantness” from customers who had been queuing and ultimately denied their “basic human right” to a rib burger.

    By noon Steers had issued a grovelling apology: “We never intended to mislead anyone – and have had to face some serious lessons this morning… It’s just been kinda crazy.”

    Chris Moerdyk, an independent marketing analyst, said the fiasco “highlighted the immense power of social media which allows consumers to react immediately, and even worse, while they are still angry”.

    “… From a marketing point of view this promotion was ill-conceived and was quite clearly begging disaster”,

    but Steers’ quick apology on Facebook and Twitter was “the right thing to do”.

    Cape Argus

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