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The @WinePeopleSA #WineOfTheWeek winner, believe it or not, is actually one of our their own organic brands this time around. On the back of the rise of organic produce in SA and particularly Cape Town, I thought it was the perfect time to educate you a bit about this awesome sector within the wine industry. Well done to @Stephbwr (our winner) who has nominated this wine 2 weeks running! Before I go on to the Stellar NSA Pino itself, here is a little background on the Stellar Organics brand, their company philosophy and the Fairtrade initiative.

Stellar Winery, South Africa’s largest producer of fine organic wines, processes organically-grown grapes for the South African and export markets. Situated in the Namaqualand hamlet of Trawal, Stellar Winery is privately owned, with the workers having a 26% shareholding in the cellar. Well-known for its innovative approach, Stellar has achieved a number of “firsts” in the wine industry. It was the first organic winemaking operation in the world to gain FLO Fairtrade certification and the first cellar in Africa to produce commercially viable no-sulphur-added wines. Stellar has subsequently become the largest producer of these wines in the world and is the number one organic wine brand in the UK.

Having done promotions for the brand in my younger years while still at college, I would say I know the wine pretty well. Not to mention the bottles we consumed at Earthdance a few weeks ago 😉 The one differential of this wine is the NSA you see in it’s name. That stands for No  Sulphur Added and is actually the main reason we have chosen this wine as our weekly winner! Below I have listed the reasons why this is such an awesome product!

Stellar NSA Pinotage

NSA – There is No Sulphur Added to the product as is the case with pretty much every other wine on the market!

NSA wines decrease the chances of gout, hangovers & are also great products for people who suffer from asthma!

Awesome value offering as you are expected to pay around R45 per bottle at a retailer.

They are part of the Fairtrade initiative, which gives back a portion of profits to the farm workers. Awesome!

The colour use and design of the label is very appealing and the use of gold leaf only help to increase the appeal on shelf.

It has a new age screw cap style closure, which makes it ideal for people like me who don’t carry around a wine opener 24/7…

Well done to @stephbwr who is the chosen one for this week. Please get hold of me on Twitter in order to organise your bottle of this trendy, innovative wine! All you have to do to enter this weekly competition is tell us your favourite wine every week. Tweet @WinePeopleSA and make sure you include the #WineOfTheWeek hash tag to qualify! Have an amazing weekend and see you all at Rocking The Daisies. If you see me with some of this organic, by all means come have a taste 😉

For restaurants to get their hands on the product, please look for @WinePeopleSA on Twitter. For consumers you can find the product at Wellness Warehouse, Makro, Spar, Tops, Midmar, Picardi Rebel & Aroma!

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  1. andrew August 18, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Must taste lekker .. Its great to know that SA have good solid wine Pinotage ..

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