Round 8 with Ross Snowdon

Long Island Iced Bull - This version of the drink is a cracker and you should all give it a try this New Years ;) Ross has decided to spread the love this Christmas season by starting a Long Island Club in Jozi...

Holiday season is upon us and I’m sure all the liver tablet companies are loving it!!! I have decided on starting a long island ice tea club every Sunday at a venue of choice, the discussion – Long Island ice tea’s of course! The many genius alternatives and so on, we will dedicate one Sunday of every month to this wonderful drink and people can recommend their variation up for trial the following month.

Yes that is Rosso, the 4th best flair bartender in the country, dressed as Super Mario. Don't even ask!

So for this month I urge to go out and try the “long island ice bull” or a “long island with wings”, it really is a party starter either way combining a handful of white spirits and floating it all over an ice cold red bull. The drink can be made a number of ways, layering the alcohol at the bottom, layer it at the top, trying the 3 layer method or just mixing it all together. Being the show man that I am in the bar I like the float over the top, this also makes sure that the first sip is not straight alcohol from the bottom even though we know you like to hit the gin neat.

He always insists on having garnish. It makes a cocktail!

So onto the recipe and method and if you are in Jozi call me on 0826156662 or e-mail me on to find out where the next long island ice tea club will be held.


Shake ‘n Strain over ice and Red Bull

Place the following ingredients into a mixing/boston glass

12.5ml (half a shot) vodka

12.5ml Gin

12.5ml Triple sec ( a orange peel citrus liqueur)

12.5ml white Rum

12.5ml white tequila

25ml fresh squeezed lemon juice

12ml sugar syrup

Anything with Red Bull is usually great 😉 Except the heart burn...

Shake this up with cubed ice to get a nice foamy texture and infuse all the ingredients together, it should come out a nice n bright off white, great for layering, double strain this over your Red Bull and garnish as you please, lemon being the only fruit though.

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  1. Liesl December 28, 2010 at 6:58 pm #

    I can’t I can’t I can’t – 🙁
    I’ve never liked a Long Island, no matter what it’s mixed with!

  2. Rossotron January 7, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    hahaha, yeah a lil soft i think hey Dyl !!! how could you not like 5 different spirits in the same glass… c’mon

    oh and the next Long Island Ice Tea Club will be held at espresso in Parkhurst on the 30th of Jan.

    Happy New year peeps, all the best

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