Draw A Funny/Creative Picture And Win!

This one is easy folks. Draw a picture in under 10 minutes with a pencil or pen and you could win a bottle of the irresistable Gentleman Jack thanks to Jon Woolley! Simply put the pic on my Mr. Cape Town Facebook Fan Page and we will choose the sickest one at 12pm on Friday!

Howsit gangsters, models, alcoholics, social media guru’s, blogger’s, nerds, cool cats, ex lovers and friends. Today I am bringing you a competition with a bit of a twist. It is not really run or sponsored by any particular brand, but rather a person! I saw my mate upload a picture he drew at his office this morning, with a comment saying “can anyone better this amazing piece of artwork ?” Trust this special character to then email me and ask me to run a comp on my blog, for which the winner will receive a special gift from none other than Jon Woolley himself!

I think his picture was a self portrait of himself in 1999. With that memorable front fringe!

How To Enter

This one is simple. Grab a pencil or pen and draw whatever comes to your mind. I have no boundaries, limits, parental guidance, genre or anything of the sort regarding  what you decide to draw. Obviously if it is racist toward a specific group, or threatens a religion it’s a bit far. We are after good, clean kind of  funny but remember if you decide to draw some naked people go ahead, Picasso loved it to 😉

Upload your masterpiece to Facebook and slap it onto my Mr Cape Town Facebook Fan Page. Click the link [here] and it will take you directly there. Like it and please sign your pic like Jon and his mate did 😉 If you don’t know how to ‘slap it on my page’ then simply go to the photo and view it. Once it is open, copy and paste the address in the URL bar and paste it into the box where you would normally write someone a message on Facebook. You should see it appear and you can even add a lovely message about the drawing if you please 😉

This is the entry of his co-worker. He has some potential. Just a bit worried about the size of the 'bums' there haha

The Rules

There are no rules except this should not take you longer than 10 minutes and please Jon has asked that no one goes to the garage and get your std 8 paint brushes out! We are after humour and will choose a winner on Friday at 12pm (lunch time).

This competition is only open to Capetonians…We don’t want pictures of people with The Vaal in the background please! Nah, we just wouldn’t be able to get you the prize 😉 Unless you want to enter then we can end up drinking it…Feel free!

The Prize

Nothing spurs you bastards on more than free alcohol and sick Adidas bags etc. This time we have got a cracker and it is worth over R300. Jon will buy the winner that we choose a bottle of our new favourite, Gentleman Jack! For those who do not know that is like the Patron of Tequila when it comes to Bourbon…I got given a bottle on my bday at Resonance this year and trust me it opens you properly!!!

Gentleman Jack - Trust me take those 5 minutes to draw that picture. This stuff is amazing!

My buddy Dazza knocking it back just the way we like it. Ice cold, Neat, with a touch of Coke for the chaser 😉

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  1. Mr. Cape Town February 22, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    Paint is also a medium that we will accept. But it has to be 100% free hand!

  2. Mr. Cape Town February 23, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    We have had some radical entries so far. Go check them out on my Fan Page – http://www.facebook.com/MrCapeTown.co.za

  3. martin March 7, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    who won?

    • Mr. Cape Town March 7, 2011 at 10:36 am #

      I announced it on the Facebook Page. Andra Tus won the Gentleman Jack 😉

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