Accommodation – 10 Tips when travelling to Cape Town

I currently work for an accommodation company based in Camps Bay. We do central reservations for many different areas including Camps Bay, Clifton, Llandudno, Hout Bay, Fresnaye, The Waterfront Marina, De Waterkant Village, Century City, Langebaan and many more. I thought I would give you some tips on finding accommodation :)

I currently work for an accommodation company based in Camps Bay. We do central reservations for many different areas including Camps Bay, Clifton, Llandudno, Hout Bay, Fresnaye, The Waterfront Marina, De Waterkant Village, Century City, Langebaan and many more. We have been around since 1997 and as season is about to get underway I thought I would provide some helpful tips with regard to travelling and accommodation. Finding a place for cheap in one of these hubs is not easy, but if you are working with the right company and agents, you can definitely get some good value for money! If you find yourself looking for accommodation in any region, some of these tips could come in handy 😉

My most lucrative deal so far was at this bomber in Camps Bay.

10 Tips when travelling to Cape Town:

1. Seasonal Rates kick in around the 14th December:

Make sure you plan your stay properly. If you decide to visit Cape Town before the 14th of December, you will strategically miss the seasonal rate increases, which start on the 14th December and usually end mid April. So come early, stay for less and miss the vaalies all in one.

2. The 14 night minimum stay policy:

After the seasonal rates kick in, another devilish travel trend also decides to come to the party. The 14th of December is not only bad for rates, but also affects duration of your stay. Home owners look to maximise their profits over peak season by having the highest possible occupancy rates. This means that they can fill their respective properties much easier by simply booking two 14 day long stays, instead of a lot of small booking that fill the entire month. This leaves the travellers looking to stay for 5 days in a bit of a pickle. Some companies have minimum stay policies of only 5 days, but when you are looking at Villas especially watch out for this policy!

3. Use established Companies:

Some companies do not have the correct business ethic and do not always act in the right faith. Many companies find themselves on low commission rates and therefore hike up nett rates (before commission) in order to make a greater profit margin. The problem with doing this is the fact that many agents have availability to the same stock, at the same rack rate (including commission). This means you could get two vastly different quotes for the same property. The consumer will never ever trust the company that tried to rip them off again and you will find that word spreads like wildfire when something like this happens. So if you want to be a brand like and be around for over 13 years, always act with the consumers best interests at heart! Go to to see some of our amazing properties!

4. Watch out for Gumtree and other internet scams:

It is no secret that there are always companies and more so people, who will try and take you for a ride. Many adverts offer Villas and apartments at rates that are literally unheard of. If you think something might be wrong and the rate is awfully low on your accommodation, make sure the supplier or agent is legit! On many occasions guests find themselves paying online into a fake account, only to arrive at their destination with no place at all to stay…

5. One for the home owners – Watch out for the home wreckers!

We have all been to Plett Rage and stayed in some poor old lady’s house, getting absolutely smashed for 10-14 days, puking on her balcony and breaking half the place apart. Guess what, someone actually lives there during the year, LOL! Watch out for the youngsters looking for accommodation as they are sure to leave your place looking worse for wear. It does not matter if they are from Johannesburg, London or The Catholic Church, young people are irresponsible and will always leave you with something to fix. It might be a good idea to charge a deposit on your place if you are doing a private rental, as nothing is safe in their hands! - Enquire & Book online in seconds!

6. Always shop around:

Just like when you buy shoes or a new car, it is vital to shop around in order to get the best deal possible. Accommodation is an in depth purchase and needs a lot of thought and negotiating. Never ever just look at the first quote and accept it, because the fact is that you can get a better deal, you just haven’t found it yet 😉

7. Never be shy to ask for a discount:

The saying goes if you don’t ask, you don’t get. I have done over a hundred enquiries in my time at CampsBay.Com and it is very clear that consumers look for what kind of discount they are getting. All agents work on a commission structure, that is just how it is. Some might find themselves on higher %’s as they are more loyal to specific suppliers and push their stock first, in return for a better commission structure. So, always make sure you ask for an additional special, as the agent will never give the biggest possible special on the first quote…Unless you are doing business with a beast agent, like myself 😉

8. Area Codes:

Is it really worth paying an extra R1000 a day just to stay near your rich, trust fund baby friends? I don’t think so. Although I will admit that Camps Bay is the ideal location for anyone visiting Cape Town, one can find amazing deals just outside the beach zone, closer to the Foreshore. I personally would have no problem staying at Canal Keys, The Waterfront Marina or De Waterkant Village at a substantially lower rate. It is close to the V&A Waterfront, the CBD and more importantly, near to the night life! I really do recommend this option, unless you have the money to stay in Camps Bay/Clifton. If that is the case please do it ,because it will be the best local holiday of your life. For live rates and availability go to or

9. Be specific with your requests:

If you want a pool and a sauna, ask for the damn things. I doubt whether any agent will provide you with everything you were dreaming of if you don’t give him/her your specific needs. Be precise, tell them your preferred area, budget constraints, number of people staying, number of bedrooms and most importantly your number and email address so that they can offer you the best possible deal. I have sent emails on numerous occasions, only to figure out the Muppet never put his email address in the information criteria box…

10. Hotel vs Self-Catering accommodation:

Hotel style accommodation is more expensive, but the facilities and service are well worth the money if you have it. I find it hard to confirm bookings at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay as the rates do reflect premium, top end accommodation. I think it is common for people to rather opt for self-catering Apartments/Villas as it is more affordable than a Hotel. One thing you don’t get with self-catering is all the hot chicks hanging around the bar at night, the mini bar in your room, room service and those awesome gowns they supply 😉

a great new Villa/Guest House in Camps Bay.

I hope this has lifted the lid on some of your questions and helps you  find the best possible property for your specific requirements 😉 If you have any quiries please call 021-438 1800/9000 and ask for Dylan or Brad. Alternatively visit our websites @ | | | | | |

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  1. ilan arbel October 14, 2010 at 12:16 pm #

    Well written, well informed article. Articulates everything about accommodation in cape town. Nice one dylan 😉

    • Mr. Cape Town October 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

      Thanks Arbi. Get me some of your vaalies now, so I can make some money 😉

  2. Calvin October 15, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    interesting and informative dyls…sick one bra


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